Who are we? Mon Ermitage

Mon Ermitage S.L. was created with the aim of offering a variety of high quality products.Our family Solé of ‘’can vilar’’ converts our Arbequina olives in liquid gold, the result of this ancestral land worked by our ancestors.

Therefore, Mon Ermitage is a quality symbol and a clear commitment to innovation. Our company creates for our clients something that evokes the Mediterranean soul, a culinary creation beyond the centuries.

Environment The shire

Mon Ermitge S.L. is a young and dynamic company founded to promote the consumption of extra virgin olive oil and for our customers to enjoy the taste and quality of this product.

Our olives are harvested in different towns in our region, wich is known for producing olive oil and organoleptic quality of food.

Commitment Contrasted quality

Our mission or main objective is to present products that offer a true essence and a flavor of or oil.
Our maximum motivation is summed up in a single sentence:

From the land, the best oil

Mon Ermitage wants to convey to our costumers the values that are the essence of our company:

  1. Commitment to high quality products.
  2. Efficient service and attention to our clients.
  3. Commitment to innovation as our business strategy.
  4. Publicize the cultural and gastronomic tourism in our area.
  5. Respect for the environment.

Design Piqture