Esencias also offers a wide range of aromatic oils, always using the best extra virgin olive oils with a high quality seasoning. All ingredients are natural and all processing is done by hand and naturally, we now have 6 aromas.

Parsley and Garlic
Special for ​​all kinds of meat grilled on barbecue or roast (lamb, chicken, turkey, etc …). It can also be used as a condiment of snails and salads.

Ideal for fish (salted sardines, cod, etc …) salad (celery, artichokes), and also fot making cakes, making the product to be gourmet cuisine.

It is special for white and red meats and cheeses served with Roquefort sauce.

Bay Leaf
Is very apt to break flavors balanced with a touch sour and bitter. For all kinds of stews.

Ground cloves
It is outstanding for its great aroma, especially for flavoring meat. Is added while in cooking.

Special for spicy stews (beef, chicken, etc …) broiled with sauces, pizzas and condiments, also can be served with salads.

Seaweed wakame


Mushroom (Calocybe Gambosa)

Mushroom (Boletus edulis)

Mushroom (Cantarellus Cornucopioides)

Mushroom (Amanida Caesarea)

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